Short Bus Kids Radio                        

What's Going on?
On January 15, 2003, SBK Radio launched a new website and format that set the world standard for shoutcasting in the online gaming community. 

Since the beginning and through the years, the Shortbus Kids Radio network grew to provide many programs hosted by a variety of people. From gameplay chat, live interviews, comedy, heavy metal, those fabulous eighties, independent music, and even classic rock - Short Bus kids radio has been entertaining audiences worldwide.  

As we grow, so does the need for SBK to change. Listener feedback is of utmost importance to continued quality programming here at SBK and your overwhelming email requests for "something new" has been heard.
In the very near future, our automated music mix is switching to a more modern, alternative, format to better suit the needs of our listening community. The changes are geared to the "listen at work" audience which includes an application that is suitable to your mobile devices.

Live shows are also returning over the next few months along with some national feeds and specialty shows on the weekends.  

There is still a need for live hosts. These voluntary positions are open to individuals with high standards that are willing to dedicate time to share something a little different to our listening audience. If you would like to become a show host, please send an email to management at sbk radio dot net. that's management at sbk radio dot net. Arrangements will be made to send a sample audition.  

Thanks for your continued feedback and support for Short Bus Kids Radio. Since two thousand three, SBK Owns yer face.   
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